Vol 2, No 1 (2007)

Published: 2007-11-01

Spatial risk profiling of Schistosoma japonicum in Eryuan county, Yunnan province, China

Peter Steinmann, Xiao-Nong Zhou, Barbara Matthys, Yuan-Lin Li, Hong-Jun Li, Shao-Rong Chen, Zhong Yang, Weng Fan, Tie-Wu Jia, Lan-Hua Li, Penelope Vounatsou, Jürg Utzinger

Spatio-temporal correlation between human and bovine schistosomiasis in China: insight from three national sampling surveys

Xiao-Hua Wu, Xian-Hong Wang, Jürg Utzinger, Kun Yang, Thomas K. Kristensen, Robert Bergquist, Gen-Ming Zhao, Hui Dang, Xiao-Nong Zhou

Multivariate spatially-structured variability of ovine helminth infections

Annibale Biggeri, Dolores Catelan, Emanuela Dreassi, Laura Rinaldi, Vincenzo Musella, Vincenzo Veneziano, Giuseppe Cringoli

Geo-referencing livestock farms as tool for studying cystic echinococcosis epidemiology in cattle and water buffaloes from southern Italy

Giuseppe Cringoli, Laura Rinaldi, Vincenzo Musella, Vincenzo Veneziano, Maria Paola Maurelli, Francesco Di Pietro, Michele Frisiello, Salvatore Di Pietro

Application of spatio-temporal scan statistics for the detection of areas with increased risk for American visceral leishmaniasis in the state of Bahia, Brazil

Deborah D.M.T. Carneiro, Maria E. Bavia, Washington J.S.F. Rocha, Antônio C.Q. Tavares, Luciana L. Cardim, Biruk Alemayehu