Vol 8, No 1 (2013)

Published: 2013-11-02

Water quality and health in a Sahelian semi-arid urban context: an integrated geographical approach in Nouakchott, Mauritania

Doulo Traoré, Ibrahima Sy, Jürg Utzinger, Michael Epprecht, Ives M. Kengne, Baidy Lô, Peter Odermatt, Ousmane Faye, Guéladio Cissé, Marcel Tanner

A spatial analysis of private well water Escherichia coli contamination in southern Ontario

Julia Krolik, Allison Maier, Gerald Evans, Paul Belanger, Geoffrey Hall, Alan Joyce, Anna Majury

A spatial, statistical approach to map the risk of milk contamination by β-hexachlorocyclohexane in dairy farms

Sabrina Battisti, Antonino Caminiti, Giancarlo Ciotoli, Valentina Panetta, Pasquale Rombolà, Marcello Sala, Alessandro Ubaldi, Paola Scaramozzino

Spatial analysis and risk mapping of soil-transmitted helminth infections in Brazil, using Bayesian geostatistical models

Ronaldo G. C. Scholte, Nadine Schur, Maria E. Bavia, Edgar M. Carvalho, Frédérique Chammartin, Jürg Utzinger, Penelope Vounatsou

Comparison of data-fitting models for schistosomiasis: a case study in Xingzi, China

Yi Hu, Cheng-Long Xiong, Zhi-Jie Zhang, Robert Bergquist, Zeng-Liang Wang, Jie Gao, Rui Li, Bo Tao, Qiu-Lin Jiang, Qingwu Jiang

Schistosoma japonicum risk in Jiangsu province, People’s Republic of China: identification of a spatio-temporal risk pattern along the Yangtze River

Kun Yang, Le-Ping Sun, You-Sheng Liang, Feng Wu, Wei Li, Jian-Feng Zhang, Yi-Xin Huang, De-Rong Hang, Song Liang, Robert Bergquist, Xiao-Nong Zhou

Baseline drivers of lymphatic filariasis in Burkina Faso

Michelle C. Stanton, David H. Molyneux, Dominique Kyelem, Roland W. Bougma, Benjamin G. Koudou, Louise A. Kelly-Hope

Analysis of climate and extrinsic incubation of Dirofilaria immitis in southern South America

Pablo F. Cuervo, M. Cecilia Fantozzi, Sophia Di Cataldo, Giuseppe Cringoli, Roberto Mera y Sierra, Laura Rinaldi

Bayesian spatial modelling and the significance of agricultural land use to scrub typhus infection in Taiwan

Nicola A. Wardrop, Chi-Chien Kuo, Hsi-Chieh Wang, Archie C. A. Clements, Pei-Fen Lee, Peter M. Atkinson

Abundance modelling of invasive and indigenous Culicoides species in Spain

Els Ducheyne, Miguel A. Miranda Chueca, Javier Lucientes, Carlos Calvete, Rosa Estrada, Gert-Jan Boender, Els Goossens, Eva M. De Clercq, Guy Hendrickx

Characterising the spatial dynamics of sympatric Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus populations in the Philippines

Jennifer Duncombe, Fe Espino, Kristian Marollano, Aldwin Velazco, Scott A. Ritchie, Wenbiao Hu, Philip Weinstein, Archie C. A. Clements

Can landscape metrics help determine the Culicoides imicola distribution in Italy?

Carla Ippoliti, Marius Gilbert, Sabine Vanhuysse, Maria Goffredo, Giuseppe Satta, Eléonore Wolff, Annamaria Conte

Rift Valley fever dynamics in Senegal: a project for pro-active adaptation and improvement of livestock raising management

Murielle Lafaye, Baba Sall, Youssou Ndiaye, Cécile Vignolles, Yves M. Tourre, François Borchi, Jean-Michel Soubeyroux, Mawlouth Diallo, Ibrahima Dia, Yamar Ba, Abdoulaye Faye, Taibou Ba, Alioune Ka, Jacques-André Ndione, Hélène Gauthier, Jean-Pierre Lacaux

An update on distribution models for Rhipicephalus microplus in West Africa

Eva M. De Clercq, Agustin Estrada-Peña, Safiou Adehan, Maxime Madder, Sophie O. Vanwambeke