A WebGIS tool for visualizing and exploring socioeconomic vulnerability to dengue fever in Cali, Colombia

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Stefan Kienberger *
Michael Hagenlocher
Eric Delmelle
Irene Casas
(*) Corresponding Author:
Stefan Kienberger | stefan.kienberger@sbg.ac.at


WebGIS tools have the potential to disseminate the outputs of spatial vulnerability assessments to a wide range of communities, including public health decision-makers. Based on a previous assessment of socioeconomic vulnerability to dengue fever in Cali, Colombia, we developed and used a WebGIS tool to facilitate the visualization, exploration and dissemination of prevailing vulnerabilities to dengue fever in an interactive online environment. Results show that the tool presented here has distinct implications for policy and decision-making as it facilitates spatial prioritisation, both with respect to the intervention areas and the intervention measures needed to reduce human susceptibility and strengthen resilience to the disease.

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