SeaGIS Abruzzo: A publicly available atlas of marine uses and natural resources in the Adriatic Sea Region

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Carla Ippoliti *
Alessio Di Lorenzo
Riccardo Caprioli
Sandro Pelini
Annamaria Conte
Fernando D'Anselmo
Barbara Alessandrini
Susanna Tora
Carla Giansante
(*) Corresponding Author:
Carla Ippoliti |


In the Adriatic Sea, the European Union supported a cross-border cooperation research program, during which digital spatial data on shellfish production and relaying areas, regulated conditions on fishing activities, protected areas and restocking structures, administrative boundaries and sea bottom characteristics, were collated from digital repositories in various institutions and paper documents. A web-based geographical information system was developed to share data of the sea facing the Abruzzi region and to explore the spatial distribution of marine resources and maritime activities, thus focussing and facilitating fisheries management and providing a potential support to the regional planning of resource exploitation.

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