Health impact assessment of industrial development projects: a spatio-temporal visualization

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Mirko S. Winkler *
Gary R. Krieger
Mark J. Divall
Burton H. Singer
Jürg Utzinger
(*) Corresponding Author:
Mirko S. Winkler |


Development and implementation of large-scale industrial projects in complex eco-epidemiological settings typically require combined environmental, social and health impact assessments. We present a generic, spatio-temporal health impact assessment (HIA) visualization, which can be readily adapted to specific projects and key stakeholders, including poorly literate communities that might be affected by consequences of a project. We illustrate how the occurrence of a variety of complex events can be utilized for stakeholder communication, awareness creation, interactive learning as well as formulating HIA research and implementation questions. Methodological features are highlighted in the context of an iron ore development in a rural part of Africa.

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